Client Reviews

I met Harakh Maru, a Certified Reflexologist at a Wellness program at Henderson Community College. At this event I was fortunate to receive a brief session on my hands. He presented himself in a professional manner. The session although brief was beneficial in feeling relief of the arthritis in my hands. Later I followed up this meeting with a private total reflexology treatment. I was impressed with his initial assessment, history and discussion of my plan of care. He was organized and systematic in his attention to detail.

My primary concern was neuropathy and edema in my feet. He consistently follows up on the status of my primary concern. The therapy he has provided has greatly diminished my health care issue. The pain I was experiencing in my feet at night has significantly decreased. He has also addressed my inflammation condition and associated decreased mobility related to arthritis. Additional alternative treatment modalities have also been explained to me. Breathing techniques, supplements, foot message devices were also discussed with me. All of these have been utilized with positive outcomes.

I strongly recommend the treatments offered by Harakh Maru CR. The treatments I have received have been beneficial and have improved my health status.

Submitted by Dianne Siewert, Robards, KY

After studying the benefits of reflexology, I contacted HARAKH MARU over 3 years ago for treatment. I had severe back pain from an old injury. The reflexology treatments have helped tremendously. I had sinus problems which are cleared up. I go now for maintenance on a regular basis. With reflexology I have more energy, sleep better, and have a clear mind. I have had treatments from numerous reflexologists. I have never had a more complete and thorough evaluation from anyone before meeting Harakh Maru. Its pretty amazing how there is a pressure point in your feet for every organ in your body. I would highly recommend Reflexology for everyone at any age.

Submitted by JoAnn Risner, Owensboro, KY

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Harakh Maru for his work to improve my ‘inner body system’ with reflexology. Two years ago, I had trouble walking because of poor circulation and plantar fasciitis so I went to see Harakh. I noticed an immediate improvement. With regular visits I am pain free most of the time and have been able to add long walks to my exercise regimen.

But that’s not all. I find regular reflexology treatments relaxing and revitalizing to my entire body. I have other health issues that reflexology has minimized to such an extent that they no longer interfere with my enjoying life. My chiropractor has commented on these positive changes and concurs with me that reflexology is the reason for the improvements. He even asked me for the name of my reflexologist to refer other patients.

Reflexology is an excellent tune-up for the whole body—keeping everything in balance, realigning where necessary, and nudging the immune system to do a bit of self-healing. Harakh is truly an expert in this field. He is also caring. He listens to me and to what my body is telling him so that he is able adjust my treatment to give ideal results. I feel the benefits of each session for many days afterwards.

Submitted by Nettie Miller, Owensboro, KY

My experience with reflexology and Mr. Maru has actually helped me to avoid a surgery on my thumb. This past summer/fall I had to see an orthopedic surgeon because my right thumb was swollen and extremely painful locking into place after being bent. The orthopedist diagnosed it as trigger thumb and gave me a cortisone shot in the joint. The orthopedist told me that the shot would probably only help relieve the symptoms for a few months. If the symptoms returned, he said I would need to schedule surgery to restore the functionality and alleviate the pain. As he predicted, months later I was again waking up in the middle of the night from the pain and could not even unscrew a cap off a water bottle. I scheduled surgery but they could not get me in timely.

In the meantime, I scheduled an appointment with Mr. Maru not even considering that reflexology could help my thumb issue. I knew the benefits of overall health from reflexology so that is why I made the appointment after finding out that there was a certified reflexologist locally.

I had my first appointment before the surgery and during that time. At my first appointment Mr. Maru also recommended a turmeric drink to begin drinking every morning. The next day to my surprise I already had some relief in my thumb, and by the second day I had functioning restored. By the end of the week the swelling in my thumb disappeared, and I was sleeping through the night with no pain. I canceled the surgery and have regained the total use of my thumb with no symptoms. I am grateful for not needing surgery since I have two little daughters and surgery and post-op would have been extremely difficult to manage.

My husband was so impressed with my results he began drinking the turmeric drink along with getting reflexology from Mr. Maru. I know my results were a “wow factor,” and I do not want to mislead anyone because everyone’s health is very individual. For me, I attribute my results to the reflexology, the daily turmeric drink and prayer. I believe that God brings people into your life and enables them to do things as an answer to prayer.

My overall health has benefited since getting regular reflexology appointments with my migraines reducing in intensity and frequency. I also think that the appointments help alert me to other issues that may be occurring in my body before they become full-blown problems. This allows me to redirect my diet or exercise to get my physical body back into harmony. Mr. Maru communicates and instructs as to what area of the body may be out-of-whack based on the pain or uncomfortable feeling while under pressure during the appointment.

I also appreciate that Mr. Maru listens and is genuinely concerned about my health and the health of my family. His love for his own family is also a blessing to witness!

Submitted by Sandy Merkel-Finley, Rockport, IN

From Harakh, a holistic teacher, I’ve learned relaxation techniques as he teaches self help while using pressure points to improve the body’s condition. The improved circulation in my feet has helped my balance and reduced the swelling. Another great benefit has been less pain and stiffness from arthritis in my hands. I’ve also found relief from lymph drainage and it has reduced my use of antibiotics. I leave after my visit with a feeling of rejuvenation.

Submitted by Sandy Wood, Owensboro, KY

I love that reflexology is an alternative therapy to pharmaceutical medicine. My experience with Harakh Maru, certified Reflexologist, was pleasant and relaxing. He looks for and focuses on areas of tenderness that corresponds to specific organs and organ systems. By applying the appropriate pressure and massaging certain spots on the feet, hands, and ears, body parts are energized and rejuventated. Harakh communicates and instructs as to what area of the body corresponds to the area of tenderness.

My main concern is neuropathic pain in my jaw and possible inflammation causing skin problems. Since beginning my treatments with Harakh, the discomfort in my jaw has decreased and skin problems have improved slightly. Additional alternative treatments have been suggested to me as well. Breathing techniques, supplements, such as turmeric for inflammation, diet, as well as the use of reflexology on myself have been have been discussed with me. All of these have been utilized with positive outcomes. I really enjoy my appointments with Harakh and would highly recommend him to people who are looking for solutions without drugs.

Submitted by Melody Hayden, Owensboro, KY